book by Kalena Victoria Chevalier

songs by Steve Clark & Ed Plough

Jurgis and Ona are just married and expecting a baby. As they struggle to start their lives together,  they greet each hard day with youthful optimism and dreams of a simple, loving future. When they learn of a New Community where people work happily together, they move the whole family to an exciting, fresh life. Of course, the community is not as it seems. Optimism devolves into tragedy, insanity, and eventually a life far from the young couple's hopes and dreams. This surreal story takes a hard look at art, work, and just how Americans value time.


Cast of Characters:

Jurgis: A Young Man 
Ona: His Wife 
Antanas: His Mother 
Stanislovas: His Little Brother 
Boss Guy/Rich: A Leader 
Tamoszius: A Leader 
Steve/Cabbie: A Worker 
Ed/Sandwich Board Person: A Worker 
All other characters are played by an ensemble of 4 or more people. The above listed characters can also double as extras and minor characters if necessary.


2005 - Tantalus Theatre Group production

2007 - Revised Draft Public Reading ay Stage Left

2008 - Living Room Reading of Revised Draft

2016 - Chicago New Musical Theatre Festival production (First Act Only)