The Growing Season

book by Steve Clark & Tom Emmott

songs by Steve Clark

Meredith's family is falling apart. When her teenage daughter, Alex, runs away to the old family farm, Meredith and Alex's lives become entangled with Meredith's recluse brother, Jacob. This three-person folk musical explores themes of grief, loss, family, and the healing power of working with the land.


Script Excerpt:



Late 40's. Successful executive in Marketing & PR. Somewhat neglectful of her daughter Alexis. Lives in an affluent Michigan suburb. Jointly owns a small farm and cabin with her brother, an inheritance from their parents. Does not approve of Jacob’s lifestyle. Her husband died very suddenly. 


Early 40's. Brother of Meredith and uncle to Alex. A bit of a recluse. Enjoys his freedom. Picks up and goes as he pleases. Works when he needs money. Lives on the family farm and is trying to make it self-sustaining. Comes back into Meredith's life due to the death of her husband. 


Age 17. High school student. Junior year. Daughter of Meredith and niece to Jacob. Not a lot of friends. A loner. Socially awkward. Desperately trying to find something she's good at. Looks for approval from her mother. Just lost her father.



2019 - Public Reading

2021 - Fully Revised Draft

2022 - reading at Theatre NOVA (Ann Arbor, MI) as part of the Michigan Playwrights Festival